Why September is the best month to start over



There is something so charming about September. On the one hand, summer is not yet over and you can still enjoy the one or the other day/week at the beach, without the crowds and burning summer sun. On the other hand, the weather is cooling off, which, after the couple of months of living in shorts, makes me enjoy layering clothes and crave cosy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. But despite the charm and colourful fairytale-like tree leaves and all, there is something that for me really makes September the best month to start things over, whether it is a new work project, a new job, a business, a workout plan or diet or even.

It's back to school time! OK, I know you're probably not going to school anymore. Anyways, whether you're going back to school, university or work after a nice summer vacation, don't we all keep that back to school feeling pretty much for the rest of our lives when September hits? Temperatures drop and the mornings start smelling like wet fall leaves. Some kind of melancholy for earlier days wakes up in me at that time every year, but also the inner motivation to be better, to work harder, to tirelessly pursue my passion. That's why I like setting new goals at this time of the year. Because let's face it, those new year's resolutions are so overrated and the whole year ahead is such a long time period, that we never actually get them done and they are super hard to track. That's why 90-day-goals have proven to be much more effective and trackable. So what better time to set goals that you want to accomplish until the rest of the year than now :D

So, if you are reading this, and there is something you think about every day, go and start working towards that dream, start working on the new project, find the job you love or create it yourself, and get rid of the negative in your life. And even though I am in no way some sort of a guru, I do have a recipe for achieving that goal, which I borrowed from Jordan Belfort :D I sincerely hope this is not plagiarism in some way but the recipe is as follows: Write down your goal on a piece of paper, write exactly what you want to achieve and describe it. Then write down how you are going to feel when you do achieve your goal, to really be able to visualise your success. Next step is pick a person that is more important to you than yourself, and write down what you would do for them when you achieve your goal. Only thing that you have left is putting your goal in a bag/pocket to carry it around everywhere with you and take a picture of it to put it on your phone's screensaver. Et voila! - bulletproof. This way it's gonna be in front of your eyes at all times. Now you are unstoppable towards achieving your 90-day goal :)


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