Varna port



Keeping up with posting every day turned out harder than I actually imagined, especially when you're travelling. Anyways, here is quick update from the last days spent in Varna. After spending a couple of wonderful days with my brother, my mom came to town and we had an amazing day together, shopping and walking around the city. We enjoyed the summer temperatures so much, had a nice walk along the seaside and lunch at the port. Best part - I had forgotten my body lotion so the only thing I found in my brother's apartment was a sun lotion, which I put all over my body. The result was the smell of sun lotion throughout the whole day, and combined with the salt in the air it was all we needed for vacation mood all day long :) This Weekday shirt that I wore is for sure boring every single person around me, since I haven't stopped wearing it every other day from the moment I got it in Vienna a month ago, but I can't help myself, I just love it so much :D It's one of those pieces that you put on once and it's just so you, it's like you've owned it your whole life :D What is more, it is so versatile + I've always adored off-the-shoulder tops so I'm totally embracing and enjoying the current trend and will be definitely stocking up on some more of those soon.

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Red lip

Summer is coming