Try something new for 30 days challenge


bonaire avenue Thanks to the lovely Polina I stumbled across this TED Talks video and it was just the reminder I needed of how important it is to take our time every day for fun, creative things that really bring us joy.  And guess what, according to this TED talk 30 days seems to be enough to form a habit, so I decided to take the challenge and blog every day for 30 days, starting Saturday :) I created D Golden Hour as my own little place for creativity and beauty, but the crazy scadule since I started my master program and, let's face it, the way I set my priorities, has been keeping me away from it. Honestly, I believe that everything you set your mind to you can achieve, regardless of a crazy scedule, so here it goes, I'm taking this challenge to blog about things that excite me for 30 days straigt :D

As me and my Entrepreneurship Avenue team were brainstorming marketing campaigns about our conference the other day and thinking about people walking down roads, I came to realise I actually always liked roads and particularly taking pictures on dusty straight roads, cause well, I don't know, to me they kind of symbolise that idea of taking a chance, going after your wishes and dreams and well, just pursuing whatever it is you want to pursue :) So here are my road photos that I found somewhere deep down the Bonaire photos folders ;)

bonaire avenue2

You aren't here to be perfect. You already are.

Croatia diary 2