The white bikini



The classic triangle bikini in a colorful print is a must at the beach, but there is something about a clean white bikini that I just like so much. They're very classic and feminine and remind me of the Côte d'Azur and that je-ne-sais-quoi attitude of french girls. I particularly love the pretty scalloped edges, so I've been eying the Chloé ones since they've been around. But what about that H&M option on the right? I even tried it on in the store the other day and now that the Chloé options are sold out and this one is on sale for like 15, I think there's no reason not to go get it right now 8-) 


1.Chloe Scallped Halterneck Bikini

2.Marysia Santa Barbara Scalloped One-Shoulder Bikini

3.Chloe Scalloped Triangle Bikini Set

4.H&M Bikini Top

4.H&M Bikini Bottoms

Scalloped bikini

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