Summer is coming


DSC_4226 Ever since I landed on Tuesday morning, Bulgaria has been treating me really well. I cannot be thankful enough for all those happy moments with family and friends :) After arriving in Shumen and having a nice welcome BBQ dinner, I headed to Varna on Wednesday to spend some days with my brother. After lunching at BM today, which is a great place for having uncomplicated and delicious lunch or dinner at the beach (I think we've been going to this place for one 10 years now), we headed to Cubo, which is also basically my brother and his friends' second home in the warmer months and is a-m-a-z-i-n-g for everything from coffee in the afternoon to vodka shots and dancing till the morning haha (a.k.a. it's a must in Varna:)

We finished the day with an intense training on the steps of the famous for this purpose Russian monument, because no excuses :D Btw this monument is really a great location if you wanna go for a run or, well, just look at the city and the sea from up above :)

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Varna port

You aren't here to be perfect. You already are.