Smoothie and Matcha equals love


Right now that I’m in Turkey, I seriously miss my favourite breakfast that I like to have every day with some variations. Here in Turkey the typical breakfast consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and eggs and olives, which is good once in a while but so much different than my routine. I would normally make a smoothie with some jogurt, a banana and blueberries, strawberries, pear or mango and all kinds of seeds and superfoods like chia, goji beri, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, walnuts etc. I also often can't resist adding some crunchy granola on top ;) The result is so good, plus, it's also good for you!

Anyways, the green substance on the right is even better! It's Matcha latte and it is my new love, which became a part of my life since a couple of months and I don't want us to never ever come apart. Matcha tea is a fine powder of green tea grown and produced in a specific way. The green tea plants for the Matcha tea are grown in shade for a couple of weeks before harvest and only the leafs are used, the stems and veins being removed in production. The typical way of preparing this beverage made in heaven is by  mixing it with hot water and whisking with a special bamboo whisk, until you get a homogeneous consistency. The way I like to have it though is adding the powder to 1/2 almond/coconut/soy milk and 1/2 water and mixing it with my foam maker until I get this nice amount of foam on top. This latte is really so amazing, the taste is so light and sophisticated, that it just really makes you addicted. I almost completely replaced coffee by Matcha lately even if I've always been a coffee lover. I don't even want to start on all the health benefits it has but it is filled with minerals and antioxidants which are said to boost metabolism, help prevent high blood sugar levels and even have an anti-aging effect. Do you need any more reasons to try it or do you already love it?

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