Red lip



Last week in Varna my brother brought us to this lovely little beach in St. Constantine and Helena for a family dinner date at the Bay. It's an arabic restaurant with great food right above the beach with two floors, a restaurant in the second floor and a bar in the first, where you can enjoy some drinks and snacks on a day at the beach as well.  While we were waiting for our parents to arrive we went for a little walk. As a person who never leaves the house without at least a mascara on my eyelashes, I was quiet terrified at first to figure out that I had forgotten my make-up at home.  Luckily, I found this red lipstick in my purse, which turned out to be enough to elevate the look (or at least, my mood :) or was it the proximity to the sea??) But truth to be told, I really think red lipstick is flattering to pretty much anyone so girls, if you happen to be in a make-up-less situation and want an instant polish, just grab a red lipstick and seize the night :)

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Paris, city of love

Varna port