Pink skies



Beautiful sunsets, clouds in all possible shades and shapes and salt in the air every single day. This is life on Bonaire - one of my favorite places on earth. It's a small island in the Caribbean that me and the boy have been visiting for the past two years for windsurfing. Before we went there for the first time I have been hearing about the island for years from him, as its lagoon is one of the best places on earth for freestyle windsurfing. Nevertheless, since we discovered this place I have to say, Bonaire is so much more than windsurfing. It's atmosphere makes every visitor become a friend and it's people make you fall in love with the island and always want to come back.

Does it ever happen to you to start associating a certain piece of clothing with a specific event in your life and then always think about that time when you wear it again? Well this is the case with this white beach dress. It is very simple but has a nice detail on the back and a feel that I love. I bought it from New York, right before going to Bonaire for the first time. But, to my biggest surprise, my luggage did not arrive on Bonaire for a week, so the dress turned out to be almost the single piece of clothing that I owned. It was kind of frustrating at first, but then the sea, sand and windsurf made it good :) What is more, there are a couple of nice outcomes of the whole story. First, I learned that being restricted and forced to experiment with basically one piece of clothing and your boyfriend's clothes can be a lot of fun. Second, it's a very freeing experience to actually not have any clothes to choose from and not having to think much. And last but not least, it creates such a strong memory, so now I can't help but imagine Bonaire's beaches every time I put this dress on. So, when you lose, you don't know what you win :)

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Dress: Victoria's Secret

Choose joy

Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn