Mamma Mia, here we go again



Here are some more photos from out Greece trip, which went on in Skiathos Island, one of the places on earth me and my mom have been wanting to go for ages, mainly because of the movie Mamma Mia, which has been filmed there. Many people would say that's very lame, I know :D Nevertheless, we love this movie and seriously there are so many reasons to love it (I guess if you are a woman haha), the beautiful locations, the great ABBA songs that never get old, the wonderful play of  Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried and most of all the beautifully pictured bond between a mother and a daughter. In fact, most parts of the movie have been filmed on the neigbouring island Skopelos, so of course, we didn't miss to visit both :) Both islands are really authentic and even though they have for sure changed after filming the movie there in 2008, read, a lot more tourists, but they have still managed to preserve their authentic feel and beauty. Skiathos is super lively and the main town is full of tiny streets, where you can get wonderfully lost among white-blue painted houses and tiny little restaurants. The island is not very big but offers some really beautiful sand beaches such as Koukounaries. Some of them, which are located on the northern shore, are not accessible by ground transport, so you can only go there by boat, they are really worth visiting though. The town is also famous for its night life and offers some pretty cool bars on the seaside, for whom it may interest :) One if the boat cruises took us to the close islands Skopelos and Alonisos, where we spent a great day exploring Skopelos town and some beautiful beaches. One of my favourite places though will stay the old port of Skiathos, which had something really magical about it and looked pretty like a movie location (despite actually being one :D - that is the place where Pierce Brosnan's yacht leaves from to go to the wedding). Enough said haha. Well one more thing. I don't know if it's an age thing, but you just really start appreciating those moments spent with family so much more with time :) It was really a blast spending that time with them <3

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