Istanbul diary day 3



This was our last day in beautiful Istanbul. First we went to the Topkapi palace (this time for real :D) and I was amazed by all the beautiful tile motives and patterns. We then walked around the park, which offers a stunning view over the Bosphorus. It is one of the most touristic places in Istanbul hence very crowded, so we sat in the Sultanahmet district after for a well deserved rest and lunch.

We spent the afternoon in the famous Grand Bazar, where I just wanted to full my bags with glas and cashmere scarves and bring them all with me to Vienna. We met with our friend TJ who was so kind to show us around. After unsuccessfully searching for men's earrings (apparently not very popular in Turkey) we went to the leather section, where we spend way too much time and both boys couldn’t go with empty hands. I believe there is a new performance signature style coming up for Alive N'Kickin's frontman :D

There is so much that we did not get to see, for example we didn't even get to the Asian part of the city, which we heard was even the most interesting one right now. We definitely did fall in love with the city so I'm sure we'll be back very soon!

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H&M Studio A/W 2015

Istanbul diary day 2