Istanbul diary day 2



Our second day in Istanbul was kind of chaotic, nevertheless we enjoyed every second of it :) It started with a swim in the rooftop pool again, of course :D Then we went to the Sultanahmet district and got lost while looking for Topkapi palace. Maybe someone would wonder how is that possible but in our defence, there is a tram station called Topkapi, and it is not the palace!! :) After a walk in the par, lunch and indulging in some sweet delights (ohh that pistachio sandwich!!!!), we went to the Hagia Sophia Museum, which is located right in the center of the historical district. It exists since the 6th century and has been a church for almost 1000 years, after which it became a mosque and nowadays it is a museum where everyone can enjoy its amazing atmosphere. Later we went to the Besiktas district and ended up in the Levent shopping mall for a refreshment. We ended the day in the Sunset bar, which has been recommended to us by a friend, who actually got to design the whole place 15 years ago. He is still connected to it today and makes regular changes  to the interior, so we were super curious to see it. And we were not disappointed - the restaurant has the most amazing view over Istanbul and the Bosphorus and the interior and the music created such a romantic atmosphere. The only downfall was some misunderstanding with the restaurant's new menu, thanks to which we got the wrong dish not once, but a couple of times!! :D But despite that and despite the fact that we were way underdressed for the place, we did spend an amazing evening. :) 

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