Istanbul diary day 1


DSC_1839 The first day in Istanbul was so full of excitement for us. We first walked along the biggest shopping street in Taksim next to our hotel, after which we went to the Galata district, where we were amazed by all the small streets full of shops offering everything from fresh juices to leather goods and music instruments. Then we headed towards the old town - the Sultanahmet district, where I ate the best Gözleme ever!! Gözleme is a traditional turkish dough hand-rolled flatbread, which can be filled with all kinds of toppings. This one was cheese-spinach and even though it is not traditional, I have to say it was amazing! Plus, there was this woman who rolled the dough right in front of us! Then we headed to the famous Blue mosque, which I found really fascinating! I loved the mixture of mosaics and I learned that every single flower on them has a specific meaning. I do recommend wearing a long skirt and/or carrying a scarf, which is comfy and would save you wearing the additional clothing they provide in the mosques. We ended the day on a beautiful rooftop overlooking the Bosphorus and the Hagia Sophia Museum with a traditional turkish dinner :)

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Istanbul diary day 2

Rise and shine - hello Istanbul