Greece as you don't know it

IMG_1900 Imagine the little houses painted in white and blue, little shops full of traditional pastry and souvenirs, crowds of tourists walking down the steep stone streets. Greece - that's the image we all have in our heads when we think about it. Well this summer, together  with my family we went on a bit different but just as exciting adventure to the little village of Karitsa near the Olympus mountain, where peaks meet the Agean sea and it seems as if the time has stopped. When we were laying near the infinity pool of our hotel, sometimes you could hear no sound at all, even during the day, other than the noise of a man cutting grass somewhere in the fields. That was the region of Karitsa - it indeed seems that time has stopped. In the village itself we hardly met a person understanding a word of english, and the only restaurant on the main square did not have a menu, neither prices of the meals. It was such a real and authentic experience and of course I did my favourite thing to get to know the place I'm in - went running, which was even more fun - greeting the few people I met on the road and seeing the old ladies and gents, coming out in the late afternoon hours with a coffee in their hand, speaking loudly in this language I don't understand :)

I have to say that the place we stayed at - Dohos hotel, was absolutely lovely, and  I have rarely stayed at a place where there is not a single thing to criticise. The decor of the rooms was beautiful and full of details, every single one of them overlooking the infinity pool and Agean sea. They have their own garden where they pick herbs and veggies for the delicious food, and make their own marmalades, including one from vanilla fruit, which they serve at breakfast. On Sunday evening there was a delicious barbeque for all guests with awesome music, which made it a night we won't forget. :) What stayed in my mind most, though, was everyone's genuine friendliness - people were just super nice and made sure we felt great at all times. As they say, people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel :)

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Mamma Mia, here we go again

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