Croatia diary 2


IMG_7937This month has been very busy and two pretty cool things happened: 1. I had a great time celebrating my graduation here in Vienna with family and friends two weeks ago. 2. I started the most amazing master's program at my home university - SIMC, which is taking a lot of my time right now, but I really enjoy the awesome spirit and people that I get to meet!!!

Even if there's been quiet some time since our family trip to Croatia, I decided the second part of the trip also deserved its post. After Zagreb and Opatija we headed to Pula for 2 days to enjoy the city, see David Gilmore's concert (which was so amazing in the beautiful setting of Arena Pula), and the weather even allowed some sunbathing :). Only problem we had was that it was really hard to find a good place to eat and even Tripadvisor couldn't help!! (can't say the same about Rovinj and Porec though)

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On the way to Porec we stopped by the breathtaking Lim bay, which is a 10-km long bay, formed by the river Pazincica - a protected area which is home of lots of breeds of fish and even oysters are grown there!


Rovinj and Porec are two extremely charming little towns that are so worth visiting and I hope the atmosphere can be felt at least a little bit from the photos below. IMG_7985IMG_7983 IMG_7982FF9z8zOAdS4tpWK38MGy9PCCxAG7j4qGr6SGbenk32c,DF-z210fUx8RGTICoCIEB1edYtrUyQ_B8xphRNGUKsMIMG_8049IMG_7997W4V4ZLUl6BPA4yXTk11K63TLJtMg6nFUs3FOBMdz1H4,xMU5u4b7lkwPPB9u-g8Ax2mW4l9h0sGxnKcHZKF3aFs0qH_hXiGRD7VOXzVQFq8GjntgXYhRyBkAtWlKlX9Wow,vQbnfRNfG39VYPxqUxV7QIMU0eUflZIIYfIVkXqw8F4 IMG_8008q2-5kfAyxZCbgOU58zrR67SUNHS2vc2qpMWQBBINjtY,4toZru65OnkOcGPLi56MCqaOtv4qepqM_zc4yOSS_w8 IMG_8022

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