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Sometimes the things that you plan the least work out for the best, and this was definitely one of those cases. I decided to join my parents on this trip to Croatia in the last minute and we ended up having so much fun and spending a couple of unforgettable days on the Croatian seacoast. Even if the main purpose of the trip was David Gilmore's concert in Pula( whom they've been loving as long as they remember themselves), we managed to do everything from swimming in the Adriatic sea, to riding a motor boat and of course city tripping. Our first stop was Zagreb, and even though we arrived late we went for a nice typical Croatian dinner and a walk around town. On this first night I knew right away that I'm going to love this country, seeing all the little bars and clubs full of cool people dancing and having fun. The next morning we took a bigger walk around the historical center of the city and were even more amazed by the beauty of this city.


Our next stop was Opatija, which is located on the Adriatic coast. We loved the city but found the place we stayed at - Volosko, even more charming. It is a small village right next to Opatija and there is a 12-kilometer-long promenade along the riviera (Lungomare), which connects Volosko with Opatija and Lovran. Right there stands the famous statue The maiden with the seagull, which has become a symbol of Opatija and I can see why, as it really does have something magical about it. And thanks mom, for making me feel like a modern princess with your choices of accommodation :D IMG_7883IMG_7889 IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7886IMG_7894 IMG_7898 IMG_8038 IMG_8043 CK_cYMxDUMFSv-RgKHmSMFw_LYIxDYs54BFWSOA3qIA,iYkGrw4Mpa40PdwhznV1hv-XHHXKG1XtoAWQUxipmTY WZxsoaOAYRBAbhUdQluiODltbNKuzuJKaK8g6Lwxb78 IMG_8128 EbLwDiDGRDXdzhaifjM_twV9EqcZqnDGmcs8AyRPz7s h7xVIHPzATP8b2EI804rMT0xDOO4AvZu6FBUh1Lqc80,aptI50fc7yZpGKohxeHbYERPGIO2Hmz7GOAl5KN3C1Q 0_b7lKrq-Jp_niy5j5IbRq5xy7d6RfXTTVmlJE0cuAA,y2HMRSYQl5xxuyn3VsmIPxLKj0mxgIrftrY_77owbXc

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