DGH's 6 Favourite Vintage Stores in Vienna

DGH's 6 Favourite Vintage Stores in Vienna

Since a very young age I’ve absolutely loved vintage shopping because there is nothing else that gives an outfit that extra edge that a vintage piece in the mix does. The fact that it it also the most sustainable and ethical way to buy clothes really just makes it a no-brainer (vintage dress in the cover photo from my latest trip to Barcelona btw. Mirror, chair and tables second hand from willhaben.at :) . Therefore, it was about time for me to share with you my 6 favourite vintage stores in beautiful Vienna that I can go to again and again, and know that I can always find something beautiful and special. 

  1. Bootik 54

These are actually two stores next to each other in the very artistic Neubaugasse in the 7th district. The one is full of reworked Levi’s jeans and cut-off shorts, as well as cool graphic hoodies and accessories. The other one has a nice selection of reworked denim skirts, shirts and vintage dresses, plus plenty of band t-shirts, so make sure to check both of them out.  


2. Burggasse 24

This is a concept store located in the 7th district as well, next to one of the most picturesque little squares in the hood - Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz. Here you can find a wide variety of designer pieces as well as cool vintage designer-less ones, vintage designer sunglasses, and the occasional really fancy pair of vintage designer shoes or a dress.In any case there are no fast fashion second hand items to be found here. Another cool thing is that they buy clothing anytime, so you can just drop by with a bag of clothes, they will look through it on the spot and buy whatever fits the concept of the store (unfortunately, or well fortunately, they are quite picky!). And last but not least, there is a wonderful little cafe inside with homemade cakes (partly vegan) and a very cosy living room-like atmosphere.


3. Kleider gehen um

This one is a special one. I discovered it on Instagram probably two years ago, and couldn’t wait to check it out in person, nice the feed was already quite promising. What I found there was not only an amazing selection of super wearable handpicked vintage dresses, shirts, pants, skirts and accessories, but also this super cool and stylish lady, who is the owner and curator of the store, and gives the place that little extra something. I would say a must visit if you are a vintage lover and are around town. 


4. Polyklamott

This store recently moved into a new, bigger and nicer location in the 6th district. What impresses me most here are always the sunglasses, optical glasses frames and accessories. Apart from the women’s and men’s main clothing sections, there is always a special pair of vintage Chanel earrings or a show-stopping pair of vintage cat-eye sunglasses to steal your heart to be found here. Also, at my last visit I found out they produce their own recycled kashmere pieces - there was a number of crop-tops and bodysuits - a little bit pricey but quite nice. 


5. Secondi

Secondi is located in the 8th Vienna district, which is a little bit more sophisticated than the 6th and 7th. And this little store is somehow giving you this vibe as well. This one is a little more messy than the previously mentioned stores and you can find a mixture of designer and not so sophisticated second-hand pieces here, but every time there are some real treasures to be found. Also, the owners are really nice and  offer to make adjustments to the clothes when necessary. Unfortunately no Instagram.


6. Uppers and downers

Another cool little concept store down the Burggasse in the 7th district, offering very unusual, carefully selected dresses, blouses and jackets. Also, I have to say I’ve always found the prices very reasonable for the quality of the pieces they offer - a must visit. 


Let me know how your next trip to the local vintage shops goes and happy to hear your suggestions for extending this list!

xx, D

Mara Hoffman - from the eye-catching vibrant prints to a pioneer in sustainable and ethical fashion

Mara Hoffman - from the eye-catching vibrant prints to a pioneer in sustainable and ethical fashion

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